Unexpected problems during flight and how to cope with them


Flying is so common nowadays that we rarely stop to think about any problems that may appear during a flight. Millions of passengers embark on aircrafts every day, and few are those who take into account the possibility of something going horribly wrong mid-flight.

If you are nervous about what could happen the next time you practice air travel, here are some tips and solutions that should qualm your fears and prepare you for the worst:

Unexpected Airport Delays

Delays are common on most airports, and they often appear due to traffic congestion, extreme weather conditions or possible security attacks. Still, few people take them into account before hitching a ride to the airport.

Most of the time, the airport communicates any flight delays to the passengers before they are boarding. However, there are situations when a plane is denied takeoff after the passengers are all in their seats and reading the airline’s food menu.

If you find yourself in this situation, remember to keep calm and find something to keep you busy. It may take a while before your aircraft takes off.

In the eventuality that you are disembarked and your flight gets canceled, you should be able to claim compensation. Contact a professional company that works in this field, such as this and have them do all the necessary paperwork, commission-free so that you can get your money back.

Wearing the wrong outfit

Make sure that you always dress decently before boarding a plane. Some airlines do not take kindly to passengers that boast offensive slogans on their shirts.

If your favorite sweater has a controversial pattern or message, it is best to wear it when you reach your destination. Otherwise, you might risk being left on the ground.

Saying the wrong thing

The fear of terrorist attacks is still very much alive for many air travelers. If you are on board a flight, the worst jokes that you can make are related to bombs, attacks and other aggressions that may unsettle the rest of the passengers.

Some airlines employ a strict policy against anyone blurting out the word “bomb” mid-flight. If you do so, you might see an entire police crew waiting for you at your destination.

Even worse, the airline may decide to put you on a blacklist of undesired passengers, and you might never be able to use their services.

Trying to appease a conflict

If you are on board of an aircraft, and you see a conflict developing between other passengers it is best not to interfere. The crew and any undercover security agents may intervene to appease the altercation.

Try not to be a hero! If you intervene, you will likely be part of the conflict and eventual repercussions that will follow. You might get arrested when you land, banned by the airline company, and if things go bad, you may even get a criminal record on your name.